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Regular Visits to Veterinarians is Essential for the Wellness of Your Pets

Making sure your pets receive the best care is important to their overall health and wellness. You need to take your cat or dog to their veterinarian at least twice a year. What many people do not know is skipping regular veterinarian clinic visits is comparable to a human going about two to three years in between appointments with their physician. You wouldn’t go that long without seeing your primary provider, so why should your pets?.

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Pet Vet Hospitals

Pet Vet Hospitals has been providing leading-edge, high touch and comprehensive pet animal health care since 1964. Our team of professionals is committed to offering excellence in animal care and promoting conscientious pet ownership through education. Advanced care services include Digital Radiography and dental radiography, Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery, Exotic Animal Care, Advanced Dental Care, Pet Nutrition and Holistic medicine in the fields of acupuncture, laser therapy, homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine. We also offer grooming and pet boarding services conveniently located within each of our four facilities. Our state of the art facilities offer onsite laboratory, pet pharmacy complete with diet and pet products centers. Read More


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